Thursday, December 24, 2015

Indiana Jones and The Ashen Core


Ashen Core has always reminded me of some horrible artifact that Indian Jones is trying to keep away from the Nazis, who inevitably have their faces melted off when the finally get it. That said, the model was a breeze to paint, though I broke the spindly little plastic forearm that holds the skull twice. I am a bit concerned that it isn't going to hold up well to the abuses of play. If it brakes again I'll just have to replace one of the arm bones with a brass rod.

Anyway, here are the pics...


Holiday vacation painting continues with one of the Ashes & Dust triumvirate: Dust Storm (2e version). This guy is all smooth folds, as if he is made of giant cloaks, and doesn't look very dusty at all. I remedied that by applying a thin layer of liquid green stuff all over him to provide a rougher texture. Anyway, I'm fairly happy with the results.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Golden Space Clock

I was bit skeptical when Wyrd announced that their 10th anniversary miniature, Aionus, was going to be made in PVC plastic. As it turns out the model had all the issues that I expected: shallow detail (compared to other Wyrd offerings) and hard to clean mold lines. That said, he cleaned up well enough and I really like the sculpt. I like him enough that I will probably pickup the hard plastic version when he get a general release.

Inspired by something I saw on Facebook, in the A Wyrd Place group, I decided to try and make Aionus look like he was fading in and out of space and time. Here are the pics: