Monday, January 18, 2016

Drugs and Bad Dreams

I finally finished assembly of all the Neverborn stuff I purchased last year so that I could start playing with the tiny Dreamer crew that I've own since before I played Malifaux. I always loved the Nightmare edition of Lord Chompy Bits, and I had the oppertunity to pick one up a couple of years back. It was a package deal with several other M1E models that included LCB, Dreamer, 3 Daydreams, 6 Alps, and Coppi.

After I started playing Leviticus I took a look at Dreamer's rules and found them interesting, but at that point buying Nightmares for him was next to impossible. Enter Black Friday 2015. I picked up Lelu and Lilitu and some Insidious Madness during the sales (having previously gotten my hands on Widow Weaver and several versions of Teddy). The sale of the LE models from Black Friday enabled me to pickup some non-nightmare models to use with Dreamer. I really wanted some Beckoners and I ended up buying Lynch, Beckoners, Illuminated, Graves, Tannen, and some Depleted. Funny how often you wind up playing a new master when purchasing models for a Master you already have. Wyrd certainly now how to package their stuff to encourage cross-master play.

Anyway, what follows is my next project. First the Dreamer stuff I purchased together. They came painted, and I'm not certain if I am going to repaint them or not (though I am leaning towards not). On to the pics!


And my Neverborn project for the first part of the year...

I'm going to be busy.

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