Saturday, January 30, 2016

Henchman Hardcore Tournament, 1/29/16

I polished up my new Wyrd Games Henchman badge until it gleamed like the putrid green light emanating from Nythera and organized the very first tournament in my local meta. We played Henchman Hardcore Empire Games in Mesa, Arizona with 8 participants (including myself as a ringer):

  • Hans with Neverborn
  • Steve with Ressers
  • Noel with Ressers
  • Adam with Ressers
  • Lee with Arcanists
  • Josh with Gremlins
  • Jason with Gremlins
  • Myself with Outcasts

Victory points in each match were used as victory points for the event. I managed to top the list at 11 points thanks to a lucky Red Joker allowing Rusty Alyce to one shot an opposing leader in my first game...but that doesn't really matter because I was running the thing. Our real winner was Jason's Gremlins, edging up Josh's Gremlins by a since point. Lee's Arcanists came in third.

Next time I'll try to take more pictures and may even get some highlights for each match.

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